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Eel River Cafe

After a fun filled morning at Avenue of the Giants, we definitely worked up an appetite. Read about Avenue of the Giants click here. We drove about 20 miles and ended up in Garberville. It is a very small town in California. We found a cute traditional cafe at the corner of Maple Lane and Redwood Drive. The feel of the cafe was cozy. There were fixed soda fountain bar stools around the counter on one side of the establishment. On the other side there were a few booths, we chose one. Diego and I are still beaming from our outing with Avenue of the Giants.

We took a look at the menu. Eel River Cafe is only open during breakfast and lunch so their menu was simple and had your typical dishes. Daniel ordered the Denver omelette. The plate came with a side of hash-browns with your choice of toast or biscuit with gravy.

I decided to share a plate with Diego. We had been over ordering lately so I wanted to try sharing something. We firmly agreed we wanted French toast. I added a combo to our order, two over medium eggs and two slices of bacon. The French toast had a creamy, vanilla taste. The whipped butter and sprinkled powered sugar made it all the more delicious.

The charming part about Eel River Cafe was the theme and waitresses. The ladies were fun-spirited and friendly. They were willing to be in our picture. In the background you’ll notice lots of cows. Cute Cows is the theme in this cafe. It was even in the bathroom. If you find yourself in Garberville, try this place. It was an…udderly fine place to stop in for a meal.

Location: Eel River Cafe

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