Arizona ROAM72 – March 28, 2019

On our way out of work we discussed that we would be picking up Abel’s vanagon “Libby” at a local Phoenix shop before heading to a casino to camp in the parking lot for the night. We grabbed groceries for the night which included enough food just for two days.

In the morning we headed for a spot on BLM free camping land in the Tonto National Forest. The spot we found was nice and clear enough for our three vehicles to park together.

We camped for the day and enjoyed the spot but early the next morning the guys wanted to explore more of the area so we headed out. We came across a new spot in Bonita Creek off a fire control road and NF-431 and settled in. Abel pulled out the drone and Eduardo gave it a whirl.

I made a “coffee and sugar” run to a local store and came back to help start the fire.

Later that night we had some wild pigs give us a visit.

The next morning we headed back into Phoenix to return our vehicles to storage. A fun quick 72 hour trip and back to our day jobs only to be looking forward to the next trip.

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