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Avenue of the Giants

Every road trip has a story to tell and it usually begins with a beautiful scenic route. Consider driving through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This park has something extra, and is worthy of attention. The redwoods tower above you and you can’t help but have respect for the nature that surrounds you.

It was stunning to see these gigantic trees. To think that some of these trees are over 950 years old is amazing. These trees have not had an easy life. They have endured the test of time. It’s sad to think that some of these trees could have been swept away during floods. It is also frightening to think that loggers could’ve chopped them down in 1908. For all these reasons I felt the need to give them a hug. I wanted to show my appreciation and show some love for surviving so long.

There are signs letting you know there is parking up ahead. So of course we stopped. Spending time around such amazing trees I really think the air is different here. We felt a little silly and were just overjoyed to be so tiny. Looking up made you realize how huge the trees were or see how diminutive we really are. I guess it depends on how you look at it in your point of view.

Diego enjoyed climbing the trees, said it reminded him of the book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

We were so giddy as a family. Taking pictures of Pablo being overshadowed by Redwoods.

As we were admiring it all and soaking up as many memories as we could, we were surprised to see three classic cars. The cars reminded me of a real version of Cars from the Pixar movie. These cars were enjoying the beautiful scenic highway. Who can blame them? The roads are flawless, and the weather was perfect. Taking the time to travel into Humboldt State Park on State Route 254 was worth every second.

Location: Avenue of the Giants

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