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Sunny Huntington Beach, California!! Bustling with people, traffic and Churros??? What? Did I read that correctly? I nearly scared my husband to death when I screamed, CHURROS!! We were stuck in traffic and needed to make a split second decision. Do we jump out of the van or no?? My son and I didn’t hesitate. He rushed to put his shoes on in a hurry and at the red light we jumped out of the van and onto the sidewalk with a line of people spilling out of IceCreamTon!

Could this day be any more perfect? Actually yes it can! As we wait in line, Daniel drives around the block. My son and I read the menu. We saw the IceCreamTon Special, which was a heart shaped churro and two flavors of ice cream. Thank goddess for the long line because we took forever deciding on the two different flavors of ice cream, but we settled on moose tracks. It was vanilla ice cream with chocolate bits and peanut butter pieces. The second flavor was pistachio ice cream. The aroma of the place had me wanting to buy more than just the one churro. The smell is to die for.

Diego held the cup up for a quick picture, it was very difficult to resist from biting and devouring the crispy churro. It looked incredible. I had to wait because we were going to share this scrumptious dessert. As we finished paying, we grabbed some spoons, napkins, and headed outside to look for Daniel, remember he is driving around killing time for us to finish. We made it in time to jump back into Pablo as the light turned green. The ice cream that we chose was phenomenal!!! As we drove away, I immediately regret not getting one for myself. Until we meet again, IceCreamTon.

Location: IceCreamTon

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