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Heavenly Roadside Café

We had a long day ahead of us. We checked out of Santa Cruz Redwoods Resort and needed to drive to Fort Bragg, California. Well, we hardly had any breakfast that day and only snacked on some chips and fruit at the beach, so of course by 1 o’clock we were STARVING! It seemed like the route we were taking didn’t show a restaurant in sight. I was beginning to worry because the signal was very weak between the mountains as we drove out of Santa Cruz on Mount Hermon Road. Phew! Finally, I get a signal and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Literally, the name in itself was a sign that our hopeful prayers would be answered. Heavenly Roadside Café! I quickly read the reviews and I’m sold. We park Pablo “our Sprinter van” and rush inside.

We are seated and started to read the specials and menu. Right away, the Farm Omelette catches my attention. The dish included cauliflower, zucchini, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and pesto!! How can this be?? Would those ingredients go?? I had to get out of comfort zone and try it. I mean it had to be delicious for two reasons. One, it’s on their specials menu and two I like all those ingredients. I’ve just never had it for breakfast or together all at once! I was intrigued! I boldly order the dish and WOW!! It is mind blowing! I couldn’t believe it. Even my tastebuds were going wild. I knew after this I would never be the same. The mix of flavors was delightful!! This dish at Heavenly Roadside Cafe was one out of the two THE BEST food places on our road trip. I was already regretting that I didn’t find this place sooner.

My son Diego went the traditional approach. When it comes to food he likes to play it safe, sometimes. He enjoyed an entree of applewood bacon and eggs with a side of potatoes and toast. He thoroughly enjoyed his food along with his apple juice.

Daniel ordered the Bronx Sausage and said his dish was delicious as well, but I did not dare try it. I didn’t want to fill up on his because I enjoyed my entree too much. Plus, I don’t like to share, hahaha! If he shares with me then I would have to share with me. NOPE! This dish had eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and mozzarella. He said, it was to die for! The jelly pictured in the photo was homemade.

Bronx Sausage

As we ate, we met the owner and her daughter who was visiting and on her college break. The owner’s name is Marty Solis. She was very down to Earth and very proud of her daughter. She is so proud of the food that she serves and her daughter, that she wanted a picture of her holding the Bronx Sausage dish. The whole ambience and experience was nothing short of amazing. As we left, I noticed there was outdoor seating. Next time, Heavenly Roadside Café, next time.

Location: Heavenly Roadside Café

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