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Auntie Mame’s Cafe

As always we find ourselves wanting a quick bite. A quick bite that includes breakfast, but it’s already noon!! Ugh! Where to go and what do to? Auntie Mame’s Cafe came to rescue! We were relieved to find this place. Here breakfast and lunch is only served. It opens at 7am and closes at 2pm. All we were craving was a breakfast! We knew exactly what to order. We were hungry and wanted to eat STAT!

I ordered the French toast. The bread was soft and hot. There was plenty of vanilla and cinnamon flavor in each bite. My meal came with a serving of butter. It was so good, I didn’t need the syrup. It was great all on its own. I know what you’re thinking. OK? So what its just French toast! Yes, but it was really good and you never know what to expect when you go in a random place.

Diego ordered a plain waffle with sides of over easy eggs and bacon. The best part about his meal was the tasty bacon. I don’t recall ever having awful bacon, I mean who has? Look at the size of it! It was the same length of the plate! Lucky for me he couldn’t finish it all.

Lastly, Daniel ordered a Denver omelette. At Auntie Mame’s Cafe, a Denver omelette costs you $10.95. The omelette is made with three fresh grade AA eggs. It includes home fries, AND your choice of biscuit and gravy or toast. Naturally, he went with the biscuit and gravy. Talk about fulfilling!!

This meal satisfied our hunger and beyond our expectation. It lasted us through the day as we continued on our way out of Scotts Valley, California.

Location: Auntie Mame’s Cafe

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