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Rouge River

Rouge River home of the untamed plants. You’ll find this wild river right at the foot steps of Indian Creek Campgrounds. We arrived at camp and quickly asked, “Where can we fish?” We were told that right across the street there is a trail and it will take you right to Rouge River. We swiftly grabbed our chairs, gear, and headed out. Our son was so happy. He had been waiting not-so patiently to go fishing.

We were told to walk across the road and just follow the trail. It would lead us to the Rogue River. Yep! They were right. We found untamed plants and an old bridge as well.

The weather was just gorgeous! Windy, cold, and full of sunshine! We ended up having this spot all to ourselves so we enjoyed the peacefulness of Rouge River. My son rolled up his pants and got right in. The water was cold, but we dared NOT go in. I’m glad the young can handle the frigid waters.

Boats zoomed by with fishermen looking for a catch. As they sped away, it created waves to move faster and louder. Once the fishermen on the boats drove away, the water was back to being calm and serene.

We created great memories and captured beautiful shots of our boy being a boy. Rogue River had a calm ambience that rushes over you allowing you to feel at peace.

Location: Rouge River

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