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Stagnaro Brother’s

In order to write about Stagnaro Brother’s I feel like I should write about how we even found out about this place. We started out at a campground in Big Sur, California. You can read the article about Riverside Cabins and campgrounds here. The ladies next to us caught my eye right off the bat. The woman was cooking up a storm, chatting away with her friend all the while drinking what looked like to be a watermelon martini. Wait. What? Okay, wow this is new. We discovered she is a chef at Stagnaro Brother’s and lives in Felton, California. She stays at the campgrounds to get away on the weekends on her days off. The next day, we headed out and straight to the Santa Cruz Wharf to try Stagnaro Brother’s Seafood. Talk about a beautiful day! We never broke a sweat! Stagnaro Brother’s is a really cute two story restaurant. It also included an outdoor to go order counter that was attached to the main restaurant.

Another surprise was the Stagnaro Brother’s seafood shop. You can order seafood and cook it your self. We read the menu and specials that are located on the outside of the restaurant. The guys working there were very eager for us to take their picture. Lol!

We sat on the second floor of the restaurant. This allowed us to look at the ocean as we ate. Of course we had to order clam chowder. Why? Because we’re from Texas. It’s not like we have easy access to really well made clam chowder. Diego ordered fish and chips with a side cup of clam chowder. The fish didn’t taste fried at all! It tasted like fresh fish! We all shared these plates because we just wanted to get a taste of Stagnaro Brother’s food.

We looked around the restaurant. Fortunately, there weren’t too many people yet. We left before the big lunch time rush. We went down stairs, looked at their fish tank, and left after checking out the bar. We really enjoyed the look of the restaurant. Stagnaro Brother’s has a friendly and clean feel to it. It was definitely worth the walk at the end of the Santa Cruz Wharf.

Location: Stagnaro Brothers Seafood and Cocktails

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