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Walnut Avenue Cafe

If you’re looking for an acceptable meal in the Downtown Santa Cruz area, then check out Walnut Avenue Cafe . Walnut Avenue Cafe is cozy breakfast place that will fit every tastebud. The cafe is very popular with the locals. They are known for their busy crowds and hearty meals. We took a late start on our road trip from Big Sur, CA and headed to Santa Cruz. Since it was late we knew we probably missed out on having breakfast which really bummed us out. We only had to drive an hour and half to get to the next RV Park. As we drove, I came across Walnut Avenue Cafe. After a lot of reading reviews it turns out they serve breakfast ALL day!! We arrived and it was full inside and out. However we didn’t have to wait at all for seating.

We were quickly seated, given menus, and got our drinks fast! The waitress was pleasant and gave us some time to look over the menus. Our eyes quickly scanned over their options. The meals we ordered came with HUGE and flavorful home fries. You had to take a couple of bites for just one home fry. The Cafe Florentine appealed to me the most. The hollandaise sauce was up to par and the home fries were tasty.

Diego’s omelette was ridiculously huge and costly. We didn’t read the fine print that it starts off plain, then it was $0.75 per toppings or $1.50 for a meat. He added bacon, mushrooms, cheese, and bell peppers.

Daniel ordered a Denver omelette. It had ham, onion, bell pepper. All of our plates were really well made. I was completely satisfied with our food!

Location: Walnut Avenue Cafe

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