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Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort is the ultimate package of RV traveling. On top of already being in a great location this place is beautiful with skyscraper trees. At this resort, you can enjoy the nice restrooms and spacious showers. There were four roomy showers.

Most RV parks that are deep in the redwoods have trouble with WiFi. At Santa Cruz Redwoods their signal was strong. So that was a nice unexpected feature. This will be my go to place for our sprinter Pablo when we are in Santa Cruz. The campsites were very spacious! Look at all that room we had for our cookout. Each site is well spaced out.

The San Lorenzo River is the highlighted feature. A quick walk across the river will lead you to Henry Cowell State Park and Roaring Train Railroad Tours. I love how close it is! You can access it from the RV park. It is just steps away. You will need stable legs to walk down the steps. Be warned, it is a steep and tricky way down. I recommend wearing sturdy shoes that being said its worth the risk.

You feel like you have your very own private river. The water is clear as crystal and frigid cold. It will cool you off quick on a hot day! The water flows quickly enough for my son to enjoy his boogie board. The quick flow is not throughout the entire river some parts are calm. Santa Cruz RV Park gives you the gift of beauty and nature while you camp.

Location: Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort

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