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Riverside Campgrounds and Cabins

In order to get to Riverside Campgrounds and Cabins you first have to take a beautiful drive. Not just an ordinary road, you do pass by the popular Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Although you will have to endure some winding and steep roads that could make you somewhat queasy, you’ll be amazed at the sublime redwoods.

I was in awe when we drove up. The entryway drives right over the river. It was soothing to gaze at the river that runs along the campgrounds. I couldn’t get over how close you could tent camp by the relaxing water. We reserved in advance and still couldn’t snag a spot by the water. So if you want those spots, you need to book WAY in advance.

Although we didn’t get a river side campsite, the site we did get worked out because we met very kind campers next to us. We had plenty of room with a standard size picnic table and good sized fire pit. We settled in nicely, with Pablo.

The camp store literally has everything you need. We were able to purchase two different spatulas, a nice bundle of firewood for $12 and sardines.

The Riverside Campgrounds and Cabins do have clean restrooms with coined/ timed showers. Make sure to always have a few dollars worth of quarters because some campgrounds do this in order to conserve water.

I found staying here relaxing especially with the sounds of the river running by. I explored a bit and noticed an old suspended bridge above going across the driveway. I took a closer look to see if it was accessible. Unfortunately, it was locked up tight. I definitely would like to return to this campground and get a spot next to the river.

Location: Riverside Campgrounds and Cabins

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