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Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery

This rookery has been on my to do list for some time. We finally made it to this natural destination, four miles north of Hearst Castle on California Highway 1! It was worth the stop for sure. There is plenty of parking spaces for cars as well. If you don’t have any background knowledge of seals, no need to worry. Here you will find, multiple displays of information.

This area has an endless amount of photo opportunities galore. Take advantage of that like we did. You couldn’t ask for a better background of the ocean. You get the natural warmth from the sun and cold chilly air. I enjoyed reading all the information about seals. I learned a great deal about them. It was a great learning and reading opportunity with my son.

I observed the seals and I learned that they are very territorial and aggressive. Who knew? I honestly did not know. These massive mammals like their space. Which that is something I can relate to. We witnessed these massive creatures battle it out and attack each other for personal space. It wasn’t all of them but probably the more dominant males were behaving in that manner. I loved listening to the sounds they made. I learned that these calls are like fingerprints. Less dominant males recognize the more dominant males and stay out of their way. The best part of this destination was watching and admiring these sea gliders.

First of all, I don’t know why but I was actually expecting us to be the only ones there!! Well, don’t expect that because you’ll be really surprised like I was. There is only so much fenced room to stand up against to watch the seals. So if it’s crowded just stand back a bit and wait for a family to move. It’s like you’re waiting for a parking space to open up. After waiting for a bit a couple moved and we slid right in! If I wasn’t so short I would’ve stayed there much longer. Standing on your tippy toes can be exhausting, not sure how ballerinas do it! HA! The fence is pretty high to protect the seals and to keep people from going over it. This was a great experience and priceless, literally it didn’t cost anything. Although it would’ve been nice to pay for parking and the money go towards an organization that helped protect seals or the ocean. Hopefully in the future!

Location: Piedras Blancas Friends of the Elephant Seal

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