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Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

As you stroll around the pier enjoying the cool winds and warm shiny sun, you start to really enjoy Santa Barbara. After taking on a little jet skiing it can produce a major appetite. We all decided to look around and see what kind of seafood the pier had to offer. We came across Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. We quickly looked at their daily specials, menu and googled ratings.

It was easy to pick this place because this place was packed inside with a long wait outside. There wasn’t an open seat anywhere. One side of the restaurant, you could face towards the open ocean. It would’ve been nice to sit there but, I guess another day.

This Shellfish Company obviously knew how good they were and couldn’t get customers out fast enough. It so happens they had a window to serve all the to go orders. This was smart and convenient ESPECIALLY since we are at this point starving for food. So we just walked up placed our order. They give you a number and you wait for your number to be called. Considering how busy they were we didn’t wait that much at all. This place gave us everything we needed. We ordered a bread bowl of clam chowder, shrimp scampi, and coconut shrimp.

There were tables and benches to sit at. The food was temperature hot and we three shared each plate. Everything we ordered was delicious! The Shellfish Company served up very healthy portions. I especially liked the fact that each plate came with a side of onion rings or bread. Every single item was scrumptious. If you are in the Stern Wharf Pier area, you should give this place a try and enjoy the outdoor seating.

Location: Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

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