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SEA Landing at Santa Barbara

Our family and I had never been to Santa Barbara. We wanted to explore and do something new, different and memorable. I learned a main attraction is Sterns Wharf Pier. I will say you will not be disappointed. There is a lot to see such as a skate board park, a few souvenir stores, restaurants, and lots of selfie opportunities!

We saw that at the Stern Warf Pier, there were water sports to try out. Remember we wanted to try something new? We decided to jet ski. I found SEA Landing at the pier. It is located in the Santa Barbara Boat Launching Facility. We have never ridden on one before. Of course my 13 year old son and husband were super excited. I on the other hand was very anxious. We are a family of three, we knew only two can fit per jet ski. I sacrificed myself and went alone. I knew my 13 year old would have more fun with his dad. They are thrill seekers at heart.

We listened to the young instructor go over the rules of where to go, and not go. I have to say I was feeling more and more anxious by the minute. Meanwhile my son and husband where cracking jokes and calm as cucumbers. The instructor gave us our life jackets and we headed down the stairs to some bins to store away valuables. Luckily, I brought a water proof bag to hold my phone and keys. We hop onto to the jet skis. The instructor told us how to push for gas and brake. We take a quick selfie and we are off.

We enter into the open water, I feel the freezing water splash on my legs and face as I ventured out. The waves were pretty big. Daniel and Diego discovered the faster you go, you glide over the waves. So they pretty much left me behind. I just gave myself “a tour” around the Santa Barbara area. Turns out I was in for a treat because as I drove around I noticed the anchorage buoys. I drove as close as I could to it because my glasses were speckled with water so it was difficult to see. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! There were five sea lions fighting for room on the buoy and a couple more swimming about in the water!!! I was mesmerized. I had never seen sea-life so close to me before. In fact, I had never seen a sea lion in real life before (sad I know). This was just the most awesome thing in the world. Seeing that and being able to admire the animals was worth the rental.

Meanwhile, Daniel drove as fast as he could while Diego leaned in as he held on to his dad. Daniel drove with confidence. He managed to catch some air and defied gravity a few times. They were having a great time. At some point, Daniel wanted to give Diego a turn. So Diego, carefully stepped around him to get in front of him. Diego knocks Daniel’s glasses right off and into the ocean. PLOP!! The glasses go sinking to the bottom. It happened so fast he couldn’t catch his glasses in time. Oh well, Daniel and Diego continued to enjoy their time left on the jet ski. We had a blast at SEA Landing in Santa Barbara, California. Since we had an amazing and fun time, we will definitely do it again. This experience was so much that Diego STILL talks about it to this day.

Location: SEA Landing

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