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Encinitas Cafe

This charming place is located in the heart of Downtown Encinitas. It is close to moonlight beach. My family and I have actually made it a tradition to visit this beach town every time single time. It has to be one of my favorite towns to walk around in. The weather is just perfect. As you a walk about, you’ll come across some unique artist work and classic vehicles.

Encinitas Cafe is a simple, small diner with mouthwatering food. I think it’s the only time we are so quiet because we are busy enjoying the flavorful breakfast plates that this cafe has to offer. We typically try to come in more than once because their breakfast is that wholesome. My favorite part about Encinitas Cafe is that they serve breakfast all day. Another reason why we keep coming back year after year.

One popular dish under their breakfast item is called Dave’s Açaí Bowl Special. This exotic fruit originated from Brazil. The açaí berry is smashed up and turned into a texture similar of sorbet. At the cafe, you are given a huge portion topped with almonds, coconut, granola, flaxseed, and bananas. Also depending on what berry is in season that is also included. It is to die for because it is so fresh!!

Dave’s Açaí Bowl Special

Every time we go to Encinitas Cafe, we know full well that my son hardly ever finishes his meal. However, my husband and I reap the benefits of the leftovers. I want to bet that we always leave our plates clean LOL. My husband enjoyed a Denver omelet, hash-browns and a side of biscuit and gravy with tea. Of course, Diego wanted one too (see I told you we always over order!) Diego decided on an omelet with bacon, avocado with cheese. Each plate comes with a lot of sides to choose from. You get more than enough food. Encinitas cafe really takes care you.

Something different caught my eye on the menu. I ended up ordering the vegetarian lover’s. Its scrambled eggs mixed with spinach, avocado, mushrooms, and tomatoes. On the menu, it comes with cheddar cheese but I substituted for feta cheese. WOW! I enjoyed that combinations of veggies and feta cheese. I chose whole wheat toast, hash-browns, tomato juice with lemon. We ALWAYS go all out when ordering here. If you go by Encinitas Cafe, you’ll totally understand and have a satisfying breakfast.

Location: Encinitas Cafe

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