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SunFlower Valley Farm

Summertime in New York is gorgeous! Everything is so green and the flowers bloom in abundance. As we were out driving around the backroads of Warwick, NY we fell upon the Sunflower Valley Farm in New Hampton. We had to stop and pulled off to find a young lady with a tent and chair handing out flower clippers.

The farm had a giant field of beautiful, bright, scented, and tall sunflowers with rows to walk through them. Running through the rows with 7ʼ tall sunflowers on each side was absolutely dreamy. Thereʼs a look-out spot where you have an elevated look at the field which makes for great photo opportunities. Many people schedule photo shoots there Monday-Thursday. Additionally, youʼre able to clip 3 sunflowers to go.

We didn’t end up clipping any flowers because we wanted to keep them alive, though they were so beautiful and would have brightened up the van quite a bit. The farm is normally open to the public Friday-Sunday and are only open in the summer.

There is a lot of family-fun activities at the farm like a petting farm, face painting, a sunflower maze, fresh picked corn and local maple syrup. Thereʼs food and drinks and you could purchase some sunflower seeds to grow your own if you choose! It was a very fun day for us, and we canʼt stop sharing this place. The photo opportunities were incredible!

Location: Sunflower valley Farm

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