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As we drove through the north Georgia mountains into Tennessee, we couldn’t help but admire the true and natural beauty our country provides. We were heading to Nashville which we have never been to before. Luckily, we had a friend who lives there and let us camp out in the van in his backyard. Nashville is split into 4 different neighborhoods: East Nashville, Germantown, the Gulch, and Downtown. We stayed in East Nashville and itʼs a very progressive community with tons of killer eateries, unique grocery stores and tons of art.

Nashville also has an amazing scooter program as a form of transportation to get around the city. Itʼs pretty cool actually! Youʼre able to rent a scooter on your phone through an app and then leave it wherever you end up. Since weʼre both big kids at heart, scooter rides won us over and we had alot of fun. The food scene there was top notch. You can find fancy dining experiences to taco joints, Nashville didn’t disappoint. Tacos are our favorite, so we went to a place called Mas Tacos quite a bit.

Nashville has a life-sized Parthenon which we came across while we were driving around the city. It rained many of the days we were there but when the weather broke, we ventured out on a day trip to Radner Lake State Park. We hiked a lot and once again Luna fell asleep on us (youʼd think weʼd get a backpack carrier for her). The park was gorgeous, and we saw tons of different birds, turtles and raccoons. Nashville was cool, but not what we expected to be completely honest. We were expecting all cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats, but on the contrary, it was baggy hipster jeans and A LOT of Doc Martins.

Location: Nashville

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