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Lake Lanier

Do you hear those banjos twanging? We sure did as we traveled the backroads of Northern Georgia. We had a few “encounters” with some hill folk which was very interesting to say the least. Our destination was Lake Lanier and Shady Grove campgrounds. I consider myself a pretty smart dude but never knew Georgiaʼs largest lake is actually man made. The Army Corps of Engineers built a dam and flooded the valley to create it. We heard many people refused to sell their land and they stayed. There is a whole town complete with a racetrack and movie theater at the bottom of the lake.

Oh, did I mention that itʼs been said to be haunted? We didn’t have any encounters, but it was interesting reading the stories. We had a blast staying on the lake. The red Georgia clay that lines the shoreline was very cool to look at and play with. We donʼt normally swim in lakes since we are from Florida and every body of fresh water has alligators in it. However, we were safe so we swam and splashed with Luna all day and even the evening time as the moon illuminated the sky. We would have to say that lake Lanier is a real treasure that most people donʼt know about but itʼs just 45 minutes from Atlanta.

You definitely have to check it out. We 100% recommend kayaking around the giant lake. Itʼs gorgeous and you could pull up to a little island for a picnic if you choose! We didn’t fish but saw tons of people fishing from their boats. Itʼs one of the top freshwater fishing spots in the continental US. After three amazing nights sleeping lakeside, we decided to pack it in and head to Nashville. We loved that lake and canʼt wait to go back and camp there another day in the future.

Location: Lake Lanier

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