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Hocking Hills State Park

Our adVANnture has taken us to many amazing places in this gorgeous country. I never would have thought that Ohio had such diversity in their landscape. We navigated our way from Pennsylvania to Ohio. We decide to get off the main highway and began exploring the smaller side roads. We ran into an old farmhouse selling maple syrup (which Jake and I love more than life it self). The sweet old woman came to the door and gave me a price list for her wares. We struck up a conversation about our unique lifestyle. She recommended a State Park named Hocking Hills. Hocking Hills State Park is in the lower part of eastern Ohio. We love to hear locals giving us the inside scoop to all of the fun hidden gems.

We booked a campsite ASAP and headed towards Hocking Hills. It is known for its caves and breathtaking waterfalls. We booked a 2-night stay at the park’s campground to give it a try since we normally boon-dock. It was nice to have hookups and bathroom facilities. When we got there, we got set up and found a playground for Luna. After a lot of trying to coax her off of the playground, we then regrouped and got ready for our first hike at the park.

It was a 2-mile hike and Luna decided to fall asleep in Giʼs arms halfway down the trailhead. Needless to say, we hiked with all our gear and carrying an extra 35-pound toddler. It was a challenge, but when we reached the falls, it was all worth it! The waterfalls were unreal! The place was empty, and it felt like our own little paradise. We walked down about 100 steps and made it to the base of the crystal-clear river. We began snapping photos and splashing in the water like kids. Luna stayed asleep and we passed her back and forth so both Gianna and I could savor the moment.

Ohio never crossed our mind to have such gorgeous waterfalls, so we were pleasantly surprised. The trek back wasnʼt as fun with a sleeping baby, but the allure of getting back to our van to cold A/C and a hot meal was all we needed to get us through.

The next day we went to explore the river basin, caves, and another waterfall. Getting off the beaten path to explore really evokes the pioneer spirit. There were moments both Gi and I just looked at each other in silence as Luna stood mesmerized by the natural beauty surrounding us. This life we live isnʼt always rainbows and butterflies, but when you stumble on a place like Hocking Hills State Park you forget about the challenges, connect with your true deserving self to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

Location: Hocking Hills State Park

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