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Venus Bay

If you love small beach towns that is easily accessible from any vehicle, this is going to be one that you are interested in. Venus Bay is a wide bay and a township on that bay on the East Coast of Victoria, Australia. It is surrounded by other beautiful locations too that are a short drive.  About 2.5 hours South East of Melbourne City, you will come into a beautiful little town that have beaches, Caravan Parks, General Stores, a Heritage listed Pub, and much more.

The Venus Bay Caravan Park is lovely to stay at, and depending on whether you camp or stay in a room the price will vary, but for camping it was extremely affordable and I was very impressed with my stay here. Very family friendly. Children will love it, as there is a Basketball court, Tennis court, Playgrounds, and even an arcade room with table tennis and electronic games like Daytona.

Whether you enjoy surfing, fishing, cycling or simply relaxing with your family, significant other or even solo, there will be something you enjoy in this small town. There are also many National Parks/Coastal Parks waiting to be explored.

There is a Cycling track from Tarwin Lower to Venus Bay that has been graded as Level 1. Which is suitable for everyone including children. You will follow the Tarwin River so the view is beautiful. Tarwin Lower is about 5km from Venus Bay. There are Coastal Parks, including Cape Liptrap and Shallow Inlet. Activities involve walking, swimming, sailing, birdwatching and more.

This small town has a population of 500, but can certainly exceed past the thousands during holiday time, so if you prefer to be without the crowds, I’d suggest planning your trip accordingly. Although we stayed in Venus Bay over holiday season and we still felt comfortable, and we don’t enjoy crowds very much.

Stunning locations surrounding Venus Bay is Wilsons Promontory, and if you speak to anyone who has been to Wilsons Promontory, I can guarantee you that they will speak very highly. We did a day trip, a short hour from Venus Bay.  Wilsons Prom have the most beautiful sand and waters, and the surf locations are perfect for beginners, I can raise my hand to that one as I am a beginner myself, and I had the best fun at Tidal River Beach. Small baby waves, which are perfect if you are intimidated by the power of the ocean, here, you will be just fine especially if you are giving a new hobby a crack!

There is a lot more to Wilsons Prom, You can climb mountains in the Northern Prom, or in the Southern Prom. There are different ways to climb whether you want to do the shorts route, or do an overnight camp. Some of the overnight hikes can be anywhere from 20 – 26 hours. I believe this is a great challenge and also a really good way to see beyond the expected in Wilsons Prom. Although, you will need a permit so be sure to do some research before taking it upon yourself to camp over night. There is also many day walks you can do around Wilsons Prom that are for those who enjoy a casual walk.

Tidal River Campground is the most highly recommended campground in Wilsons Prom and is stunning! The campground is just off the Tidal River beach, and is so pleasing to the eye with the beautiful visuals of the mountains mixed with water and sand.

If you are looking to stay somewhere extra special in Wilsons Prom, I suggest having a look at the Wilderness Retreats. They are made with low impact on our land and are a great way to camp and feel apart of nature.

With so much to do around Venus Bay, I highly recommend visiting this stunning spot as there really is so much to do if that is in your criteria, but also really lovely spot to be able to get away from the busy cities and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Location: Venus Bay – Victoria, Australia

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