Escape for the weekends – ROAM72

Having a steady job with a great source of income is a blessing. Building a career in the oil and gas industry is just what Abel, Eduardo and I have accomplished and we are very thankful for it. Over the years we have taken time off each year to explore various forms of traveling during our allotted vacation time only to instantly start dreaming about the next time off. In the summer of 2018 the idea was brought forth of how we could get more time off or even possibly see more of the USA on weekends. Abel and I were already owners of camper vans but Eduardo was not. After a bit of research by Eduardo he found that he could take his 4×4 Chevy truck and build a vehicle ready for crossing the country and camping along the way.

Eduardo’s truck needed some minor suspension upgrades and some sort of bed structure for camping. After ordering all the parts we helped him to install it all and we were one step closer to being ready for the trip.

Next would be ordering everything possible we thought we needed before our target leaving date in October 2018. Daily lunch discussion turned into telling each other what we had researched the night before and should we order it, Amazon was our best option in most cases lol.

What is the goal of all of this?

For the most part our goal would be to take as little unpaid time off from work to escape and roam some part of our country for a weekend (72 hours) consisting of the following. This works really well if your job has a (9/80) work week. Our job did not at first but they do now.

  • Thursday evening flight out of Houston to destination. (approx. 6:30pm)
  • Pick vehicles up from storage, grab groceries and head to a close by camp for the night
  • Friday morning start driving toward camp destination but explore along the way
  • Saturday camp and explore around the campgrounds
  • Sunday breakfast at camp and take vehicles back to storage before catching flight home to Houston. (approx. 6:30pm)

The other vehicles

Abel has a classic 1987 Vanagon Westfalia with all the goodies named Libby which is short for Liberation.

I have a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter van with everything I need to be comfortable at camp.

We look forward to meeting many people along the way and exploring the nation one back road at a time.

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