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The Grampians

First thing that I will say about the Grampians is if you love amazing views, and if you enjoy hikes, this is the place for you. Also, bring your camera along, because believe me you’ll be wishing you did once you step foot in the Grampians.

The Grampians have some of the most incredible views in all of Victoria in my opinion. That is what stands out the most about this location. It is easy access by car, whether it be a small car or a 4×4. The town ‘Halls Gap’ is small but the vibes are lovely and relaxed with lots of things to do.

Just behind Halls Gap is the waterfall called Mackenzie Falls and oh my goodness it is so insanely stunning. The walk down to the waterfall isn’t too difficult, but be informed that there is a lot of steps, the walk down is easy, but coming back up is a little tiring, but I am not the fittest person and I can say it was worth it, and worth doing it all over again to see the beauty the Mother Nature blessed us with.

Now, for the impressive part, the scenic views. To give you a list of the most popular scenic lookouts:
Boroka lookout, The Pinnacle Walk and lookout, Reeds lookout and The Balconies, Big Hill lookout, Mount Rouse lookout, Mount William lookout, One Tree Hill lookout and The Bluff lookout Mount Arapiles.
There are many lookouts to scope out to feel like you are literally on top of the world, and I mean.. who doesn’t wanna feel like they are on top of the world, I sure do! Ill go in to a little bit of depth about my personal favorites.

The Balconies is insane, with the scenic views and interesting rock formations there is plenty to be grateful for in this location. Perfect for fresh mornings or your sunset views. If you want my advice, pack your picnic gear and set up to watch the world go by while the sun sets.

There are some cliffs that you can climb onto and sit to enjoy the serenity. Disclaimer; it can be dangerous to do these things and I believe is suggested against, but if you are confident, smart and safe then this might be something you’d like to do.

The Pinnacle is another lookout which can be anywhere from a 2km to a 10km hike depending on where you base yourself. We did a 4km hike which was reasonably easy if wearing correct foot attire. Walking over rocky surfaces which in my opinion made the walk a lot more fun and interesting. Walks like these make me feel like I’m actually exploring and not just going on a basic walk. Each to their own, but definitely suitable for all ages to find this treasure. Once again, you’ll be left with an overwhelming view that will lift your spirit like nothing else.

The Grampians is a never ending treasure hunt, you will always find new spots and you will always think you have seen everything, until you realize you have only seen a small percentage!
There are many well known places which you can always find online, but walking the unbeaten track is always so much more exciting, especially when you don’t know what awaits for you.

Location: The Grampians

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