Lagos Beach, Cabo Udra

Lagos beach is a few kilometers from the Cabo Udra natural enclave in Galicia, Spain, which is formed by small cliffs between which we can find beaches and little-traveled coves, something important for us because we always travel with our dog Cora. The beach consists of several free parking areas with sea views, making it ideal for overnight stays in our van named Celeste. It is formed by a central beach that is the one with blue flag and two coves, one on each side.

Cora on the beach is the happiest dog in the world, she loves to explore, she can spend hours among the rocks and among the herbs hahah.

The beach also has bathrooms, showers and a “chiringuito”  (so we call them here at the bars on the beach) to drink something at night or even lunch or dinner. For lovers of hiking like us it is a wonderful place to adventure out in the morning before spending the day at the beach. From Lagos there are trails along the coast to Cabo Udra, where you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic views and hidden beaches. We love to go out and explore and let ourselves be surprised by nature.

Ancoradoiro beach is another beach that can be reached from the road that leads from Lagos beach.

At Ancoradoiro you will notice the upper part of the beach has an area to park motorhomes and vans, but be aware that there are no showers or toilets provided.

It is formed by fine white sand, rock formations and surrounded by forest which makes it even more special. We hope that you will fall in love as much as we do with this wonderful place on earth. If you are nature lovers we are sure that you will love it.


Location: Lagos Beach – Galicia, Spain

Location: Ancoradoiro Beach – Galicia, Spain

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