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Piggie Park BBQ

Oink Oink! Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ is located in South Carolina and I was a little hesitant trying it since it seems kinda commercial and had a chain restaurant feel to it. Since some close friends spoke highly of it I thought I’d try it.

Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ has plenty of room to handle even the biggest crowds. I bet this place gets pack in the peak hours.

I was told to try their Pulled Pork Sandwich. Boy am I surprised… The sides aren’t anything to write home about as they seem very generic. The Pulled Pork sandwich with their own original recipe BBQ Sauce is probably some of the best I’ve had. Wow. The sauce contains Apple Cider Vinegar and Mustard, what a weird combination but it totally works. I’ve never had anything close to this back home in Texas.

Oh and that sauce I was speaking about, it’s available for order on their website… I may be taking a couple of bottles home with me… Definitely impressed.

I’m glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to have lunch here. The sandwich was well worth the stop!

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