Texas Mile Marker 99

Rest Up!

In far west Texas in between Van Horn and El Paso is a nice little Rest Area I always stop at on my way out west. If you’re on Interstate 10 headed West it’s at Exit 99.

The trek across west Texas can be a tough one. Especially in a 30 year old VW Volkswagen so I’ve found this spot to be a great place to stop for a rest.


What’s nice is the cool, quirky teepee’s that cover the picnic tables. The first couple of times I ventured west I accidentally passed this Rest Area up since it kind of sneaks up on you. After the second time I made it a point to remember it’s Exit 99 if you’re headed westbound.

This Rest Area is pretty basic. There are no restrooms or big fancy welcome centers. Just a few covered picnic tables and some bbq pits. What I really like about this location is that it sits up on a bluff and this area gets pretty windy which is nice on a hot Texas Day. I’ve found myself laying atop a picnic table in the shade with the wind whirling around me helping me cool down. Blissful!

I like the funky Rest Areas I come across while driving and this is definitely one of my favorites. As I mentioned the haul to get through West Texas is long and tiring so this stop is always a bright spot in my day. I can sit, relax, eat lunch and/or take a nap in order to rest up for the last big push to the state line.

There’s a total of 3 large Teepee’s here at this Rest Area.

If you’re driving west bound through Texas keep an eye out for Exit 99. Take it and relax a little.

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