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Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Best Ribs! A couple of local people mentioned that I should try out some KC style BBQ while I was in town and when I asked “Where should I go?” they quickly responded “Joe’s Kansas City BBQ”. They then proceeded to tell me not to judge it because it’s in a gas station. That’s right. Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is housed inside a gas station. How cool is that?

The story goes this BBQ joint purchased an empty restaurant area in the gas station back in 1996 and have been in business ever since. Judging by the crowds that frequent this place I’ve come to the right place. Long lines and people willing to wait is a great sign for how well the food must taste. So I wait.

Getting closer to making my order. My mouth is watering just watching all of the food walk past me while in line.

There’s a pretty full menu. Brisket, Pork ribs, turkey, chicken amongst a few other items available. So whatever your poison is chances are Joe’s has it!

I decided on the Rib & Brisket Dinner which included thin sliced brisket, 4 pork ribs, Texas toast and 1 side which I chose potato salad. The brisket wasn’t too bad. A bit thinner than I’d prefer and me being from Texas I’m pretty picky on my brisket. Now for the Pork Ribs. These were off the hook! They definitely stole the show and made me forget about the brisket pretty quickly. Looking back I wish I had just ordered a full rack of ribs instead. The in house BBQ sauce was amazing!

With food this good and crowds this large I don’t see Joe’s Kansas City BBQ going anywhere anytime soon. They definitely have a winning formula here.

Are you a fan of BBQ sauces and seasonings? If so, then Joe’s has a wide variety to choose from including their own signature sauce available for purchase.

What’s funny is I can see the gas station going away if anything. They hardly had any business and the store was pretty small. It’ll probably be kept around just for sentimental reasons I suppose.

If you’re in the Kansas City area be sure to stop in and give Joe’s a try. You won’t regret it.

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