Rock City

Rock of Ages! Rock City is a roadside attraction that sits atop Lookout Mountain in Georgia. Rock City as we know it was built by Garnet & Frieda Carter and officially opened to tourists in 1932.

Flat rock paths wind in and out of groups of massive moss lined boulders.

Some pathways are very narrow and I had to walk sideways through a few in order to pass through.

Stone bridges connect the large boulders together making for a nice scenic stroll.

The path to Lover’s Leap splits off. You can either take the suspension bridge to the left or the more stable stone bridge to the right.

I chose the more exciting suspension bridge. The park is so scenic… huge rocks everywhere hence the name Rock City. Hehe.

The view from Lover’s Leap back to the rest of the pathways.

Supposedly you can see seven states from this vantage point but I don’t think it’s ever been proven. 120 miles to KY & VA seems like a but of a stretch. But who knows, I’m sure visitors just like me still take photos here regardless if its been proven true or not.

And I thought I had already passed through the tightest path. Nope. This path named Fat Man’s Squeeze is just that. A super tight fit through the two neighboring boulders.

A view of Lover’s Leap and the manmade 140ft man made waterfall.

Balanced Rock is a 1,000 Ton boulder that seems to be balanced on its end. This thing is huge and seems to be barely held upright so let’s put a bench where people can sit underneath it! Hehee. I’ve seen the movie Final Destination so I quickly made my way under and past that rock. Ha!

Rock City’s pathways seem to never end but the views are awesome.

The last bit I walked through was named Fairytale Land and I’m pretty certain this is what nightmare’s are made of. Caves within the rocks that are only illuminated by black lights and characters from every fairytale imaginable are spread out over the room. If you decide to visit Rock City I’d suggest skipping the Fairyland Portion. It’s a bit creepy. Lol.

Oh, and in order to get your caffeine fix there’s a Rock City themed Starbuck’s Coffee shop just outside of the park. Definitely one of the coolest build outs of a Starbucks that I’ve seen.

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