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Illegal Pete’s

Close me out please… I stumbled across Illegal Pete’s while walking through Old Town Ft. Collins so I decided to stop in for a drink. Place looked awesome from the street, plenty of room on the main floor as well as what looks like a cool roof top patio. I’m in!

The lower bar was pretty full and there was only one bartender working. After waiting about 10 minutes with money in hand and no drink I decided to move upstairs and try my chances of getting a drink at the upstairs bar.

The upstairs bar which was smaller had two bartenders working. So as soon as I walked up to the bar I got service. I asked for a Tito’s and Orange Juice. Bartender said “coming right up” and he returned with my drink. I took one sip and it was so bitter. This was not Orange Juice. It was obviously Grapefruit Juice. I asked the bartender if this was Orange Juice and he insisted it was but I could clearly tell it was not. If you don’t have Orange Juice, don’t lie to your customers and say you do only to add a different type of “juice” thinking we wouldn’t know the difference. Not Cool. This upset me. Big time. That’s 2 strikes. I asked to have my tab closed out and I left my drink hardly touched. I’d rather spend my money elsewhere where the bartenders don’t lie and try to mislead their customers.

As I was leaving there was a live 2 piece band on stage playing. They were pretty good and I would have liked to have stayed to watch them perform and have some more drinks but between not being able to get a get ordered downstairs and having the bartender upstairs serve me something I didn’t order and tell me it was I was turned off by this place. Not getting any more of money. Sorry.

Great lower seating area for dinner and drinks.

They also serve food here, tacos and burritos but I didn’t try any. I had planned to but after everything I just had time to snap a few photos and work my way to another bar instead.

Sorry Illegal Pete’s… You definitely need to staff the bars correctly as well as explain to your bartenders not to substitute juices if you’re out of stock on any particular one. Just tell the customer you’re out and we’ll gladly choose something else. Don’t make that choice for us and make us pay for something we didn’t order. That is poor customer service.

Location: Illegal Pete’s – Fort Collins, CO

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