Brandywine Falls

A few locals that I met in Whistler British Columbia mentioned that I should take a short drive to the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park to see the waterfall. I decided to take them up on their advice and stop in for a hike.

Ample parking for cars and there’s even a section for tour buses to park. I don’t want to imagine how busy this place must bee in the peak of tourist season.

There are a few restrooms available so it’s a good idea to go before the hike as there are no facilities along the way to the falls.

The park has a few picnic tables near the parking lot which make for a great rest area with the family.

Crossing a cool footbridge over the river running below.

The hiking path is more like a walking path. Very easy in terms of difficulty so just about anyone can make the trek to see the falls.

Here’s the Canadian National Rail line Railroad crossing…. There are no fancy lit railroad crossing notifiers so be sure to look both ways before crossing. I’m nearly there!

After about a short 15 minute walk I finally reached the falls.

It is unclear how the Brandywine Falls got it’s name but the local historic society thinks the story goes that two surveyors (Jack Nelson and Bob Mollison) for the Howe Sound and Northern Railway made a wager for a bottle of brandy about who could more accurately estimate the height of the falls. The word “brandy” is actually the shortened version of the word “brandywine”. When the height was actually measured with a chain it was Mollison who won the bottle of brandy and Nelson then named the falls Brandywine. The falls measure in at about 230 feet tall (70 meters).

Back on the path further down the trail. This park is open all year and as it turns out is a favorite among the locals to go snow shoeing on. Wow. I bet this place looks spectacular all covered in snow.

The last lookout spot on the trail overlooks Daisy Lake in the distance.

This area is just awesome. I mean the drive from Vancouver to Whistler on the Sea to Sky Highway was one of the nicest drives I’ve ever made in my life. The scenery was jaw dropping.

Imagine how beautiful this would be with a nice layer of snow all over everything.

The main viewing platform.

I’m very glad I made it a point to stop in and take the hike to see the falls. British Columbia has some amazing terrain to see and this is one of the easiest to hike to. If you find yourself anywhere near the Whistler or Squamish area of British Columbia I highly recommend stopping in to see the Brandywine Falls yourself.

Location: Brandywine Falls

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