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Thomas Meagher Bar

If you’re in Missoula on a Wednesday night and you’re wondering where you should hang out I’d recommend the Thomas Meagher Bar in downtown. This is a traditional Irish pub and grill that plays host to Beer Bingo every Wednesday night! Apparently this is the place to be since it was packed!

Basic Bingo rules apply. The prizes for the first few rounds include items such as beer and shot specials, cool swag from various companies. The last round is where you play for the big money!

The Bingo ring master himself. Table of goodies available as tonight’s prizes.

I got a kick out of this bingo setup. Pretty neat in my opinion.

The Thomas Meagher Bar hosts wide selection of spirits and varieties of beers including a few local ones as well. Anything you can think of, they have. That’s my kind of bar! Every type of drink I ordered I got a simple “coming right up!” instead of a “we don’t have that here” that I’ve grown accustomed to when I try out a new bar. Perfect!

Verifying a winning card as the rest of the crowd moans in their loss this round. Hehee.

Each person buys in for $1. This gets you two bingo cards. Instead of ink dobbers that you’d get at a normal bingo joint here you get beer bottle caps to cover your numbers. Hence the name BEER BINGO!

The last round of the night is the Blackout Round. In order to win you must cover every number on your bingo card. If you do you win the final jackpot which is the total amount of money brought in by Beer Bingo for the night. Tonight the pot was about $130. So as they say… they more people you bring the more money there is to win! Good times.

Location: Thomas Meagher Bar

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