Burlington Campground

Sleep with Giants! I stumbled across the Burlington Campground that sits within the Humboldt Redwoods on the Avenue of Giants and decided to stop in. I wasn’t planning to stop and camp so soon on my travels today but after pulling into this campground I just knew I had to stay the night.

The drive through is way too cool… This park is mainly second growth redwoods so they’re not as large as some of the ones you might know of but these are still BIG.

There’s a few old growth redwoods throughout the park and even one that was destroyed in a fire that sat behind my campervan. After making a couple of laps around I decided on Site 24. It had a nice open area and had the best views of the spots that were available. I’ll call this home for the night.

The sites have water spigots nearby but no electricity or dump stations. My chosen site backed up to the road but there wasn’t much traffic on the road. More bicyclists and hikers than cars actually. The park even offers a couple of Hike In and Bike In camps which are much smaller and don’t require a parking spot for a car. These are a little cheaper as well if I’m not mistaken.

Unlike most of the Californian parks I’ve been to this park had a ton of firewood available for sale. Apparently they just got restocked recently. $8 a bundle is a little on the high side but when you don’t have any it’s a bargain! lol.

The main bathroom house. The restrooms were functioning in this building but the showers were out of order. Fortunately there’s another smaller bath house within the campground that also has showers.

It’s awesome taking a stroll through the campground. They have about 57 sites here and are open year around. The fee was $35 a night to camp. There’s a ranger booth upfront and they do take cash/credit.

Here’s the smaller bath house. Nice outdoor sinks in order to do dishes and such.

Like most other California parks that do have showers, there is a fee. So take a few quarters in order to shower. I think I spent about $1.50 on a 6 minute hot shower. Well needed after a few days on the road.

Showers have plenty of room to change and set your belongings while you shower.

Door is lockable so you have plenty of privacy.

Restrooms were nice. Much better than having just a out house pit style toilet to use.

The park had plenty of walking trails throughout that you can venture down.

If you’re planning a drive down the Avenue of Giants I highly recommend staying here for a night or two. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. I’m glad I decided to stop in and stay a night.

Location: Burlington Campground

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