Hobuck Beach Resort

We were traveling in the far northwest part of Washington state and we came across Hobuck Beach Resort. Stopped at the front office and found out they had spots available and the price wasn’t too bad. For a Tent Site it was $20 a night which was great but since it was on park land we also needed a $10 daily recreational pass. Ouch. That brought our total up to $30 which wasn’t ideal but the plus side is they had the spaces available and a SHOWER!

As far as “spaces” well… there was no designated camp “space”. It was pretty much a free for all. Find a spot, park and lay claim to that area for the night. Not the most efficient layout but they had SHOWERS!! Hehee.  My goal was to find a spot where I wouldn’t be blocked in as we planned to move along the next morning. Now to the part that I’ve been dying for…. THE SHOWER! Yea I was way overdue for one so I was excited to finally get pretty cleaned up. There’s one main bath/shower house available to campers. Good news is there was one toilet and one urinal. Bad news is they were both located in the SAME STALL! What?! Makes zero sense. Not the smartest layout I’ve seen. Guess in order to make the toilet handicapped accessible they couldn’t make the stall too small so they just engulfed the urinal as well. Oh did I mention that Hobuck Beach Resort is predominantly men as it serves as a base camp for a bunch of fishermen.

100+ men. 1 toilet and 1 urinal which just so happen to be in the SAME lockable stall. You get one guy in the stall and that urinal is out of commission until he gets out. Worst idea ever. Now let’s get to the showers…. Wait. I mean SHOWER… singular. Yes. One shower for a campground that boasts they can accommodate over 500 tents. Still more logic I don’t quite get.

Fortunately it was pretty late in the evening and the shower didn’t have too long a wait. I think my saving grace was the fact that all of these fishermen got back to camp mid day, got their showers and were in bed by the time I got there. I was the second guy in line for the shower when I walked up. Not a terrible wait but a pretty good wait. I’m sure it was way worse earlier in the day..

The one good thing about this resort being a base for many fishermen is that there were no loud parties going on or obnoxious drunk people everywhere. Everyone seemed to have went to sleep around 7pm in order for the 4am wake up call to hit the water.

No matter how many times I walked past this hanging dry suit it still scared the crap out of me. Ha!

Cabins are also available to rent onsite. Cabin 9 is where the main Wifi signal emanates from so the closer you are to that cabin the better signal you have. I didn’t have a signal were we camped but I did get a signal at the bath house in order to check social media and check in with family and loved ones.

Trailers, Rv’s and boats everywhere..

The short stroll to the beach was nice. We made our way there to watch the sunset and I must say it was a bit windy and chilly. Luckily we had our sweaters and long pants on. I definitely needed it.

Empty crab shell laying on the beach.

Found a few Sand Dollars since it was still low tide a bit. It’s funny I knew Washington legalized marijuna but I didn’t know the Sand Dollars got in on the action as well! Totally looks like a pot leaf to me. Lol.

Hmmm… I wonder if my trusty co-pilot liked this view… Yea… I definitely think she does!

Location: Hobuck Beach Resort

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