Stillwater Cove Regional Park

As I was headed north from San Francisco along Highway 1, I spotted a campground sign ahead so I decided to pull in and call it day. It was Stillwater Cove Regional Park which I hadn’t heard of so I thought I’d give it a try anyways.

One thing I’ve noticed on my trek through California is the high prices county and state parks charge for camping. Well Stillwater Cove Regional Park was no different. Their camping fee for the night was $32. Ouch. Oh and they even charged an additional $2 per dog, per night. Yes. You read that correctly. They charge extra for dogs!

Not really wanting to trek further north I went ahead and paid my $32 for the night and set up camp for the night in Site #10. The camp sites weren’t too bad although I didn’t see any nice area to pitch a tent which made me thankful I didn’t have to.

Apparently there’s a Raccoon problem. Well maybe if they allowed more dogs in for free, they may chase off those pesky Raccoons. Hehee. Jk. Mostly.

The bath house. A definite must after a long day of driving. Nothing too fancy, all of the expected amenities you’d expect and want.

Shower time. Now after spending $32 a night for camping here you know I’m going to make the most of it and take me a good long hot shower. Wait. $1.50 for a 5 minute shower? So the $32 I just spent doesn’t even give me a shower included? Bummer.

I was here during the week and there was no line for the showers. I’m sure on a weekend there may be a line since there were only 2 showers in this area of the campground.

Utility sink for washing dishes etc.

I decided to take a walk around. Each campsite does not have any electrical hookups or water spigots but there was one spigot I noticed that was for the whole section of sites. This one was FREE yay.

There was also a RV Dump station if you needed empty your tanks prior to hitting the road. These were also fee based. $7 to dump. Man they charge for everything here!

The ONE saving grace about this campground is that I stumbled across a small hiking trail across Highway 1 from the campground. These trails ran along the top of the bluffs which gave me some spectacular sunset vistas!

Amazing views indeed! These trails were definitely the highlight of my stay here. Although I am kind of surprised there wasn’t a pay toll machine at the trail head charging for the hike. They charge for everything else so why not?! Hehee.

Location: Stillwater Cove Regional Park

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