Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree

Drive thru tree! Hwy 1 and Hwy 101 in Northern California are filled with cool roadside attractions dating way back. The Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree which sits within a privately owned grove of Redwoods dates back to 1937.

Admittance into the park is $5 for a vehicle. The lady in the booth at the gate was quick to tell me my Vanagon was too tall to drive through the tree. I figured as much well before I got here but I wanted to go in and look at it anyways. She then gladly took my $5 and I was on my way.

There was one vehicle in front of me going through the tree and taking photos so I sat and waited for my turn. Once the other vehicle was done I proceeded to drive to the opening NOT through it. I knew I wouldn’t fit but I wanted a photo anyways. As I got closer and closer people jumped into the roadway waving their arms yelling at me that I wasn’t going to fit. lol. I explained I knew that but wanted a photo with the van as close as I could get to the opening. They were relieved.

    • The tree is a whopping 315 feet tall with an estimated age of 2,400 years old. Wow.

If you’re into quirky roadside attractions of yesteryear I highly recommend stopping in for a view and a photo.

A smaller, yet less charming vehicle driving through the tree. Pfffttt… lol.

At $5 a car you really can’t beat it and they have a pretty cool gift shop as well with some nice souvenirs. I had to buy the van a memento of the visit.

Location: Drive-Thru Tree

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