Van Life Travelogue – Tim Lutz

It is never a dull moment when I get to do these types of interviews and Tim was no exception. Tim is an IT professional who works primarily from his renovated sprinter van named Rusty. He put in the sleeping area and it is juxtaposed by a large desk area that he uses to do all of his work. He has a more sophisticated set up than some others in the “van life” community may need but it works really well for him.

I was eager to hear about his 2014 Nissan NV 2500 cargo van with a high roof and how he converted it into a mobile cubicle of sorts. For many people when they decide to get out on the open road they end up giving up their stable careers and figuring out more alternative ways of supplementing their income. Tim is the opposite. Instead of giving up what he had worked so hard to build with his company he talked them into molding to fit him. He says that it wasn’t an easy road trying to convince the corporate power players at his IT firm that he would be able to do the same work he was doing in office on the road in his overhauled van. His proposal was rejected twice before they finally came to an agreement. It’s inspiring that he had such conviction when it came to following his dreams and was able to persevere even after being rejected. There are many people who lack that type of ambition.

We got to talk a lot about that aspect of his journey. He had to work extremely hard to get to a point where he could ask for leniency in his office base. It wasn’t an overnight transformation. He feels like many people nowadays are so focused on doing things the easy way. Being a trendsetter in your field is not an experience without its stresses, as Tim can attest, but it’s worth it.

Tim has only been out on the road for less than a year and he already has a superb following on the wonderful network of Instagram. I can confidently say it is because he is so relatable. He saw what he wanted to do and made his life work for him without having to stray far away from what he had already built. Tim is an inspiration to so many groups of people who have dreams that need to be realized. I enjoyed speaking with him about his journey and if you want to learn more just follow him on Instagram and check out his blog!

**All photos belong to Tim Lutz via his blog Van Life Travelogue**

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