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I spent a few days in Kanas City and as I always do when I’m visiting a new city is I look for concerts and other cool events going on. As it turns out one of my favorite bands Los Lobos was set to play at Knuckleheads not far away! Score!

Everything I read online mentioned that Knuckleheads was a rowdy “biker bar” so that’s what I was expecting when I arrived. Biker bar it is not. It’s a cool, seasoned dive bar! Lot’s of character and a great staff.

The inside reminds me of an average dive bar, nothing fancy but that’s not a bad thing. It gives this place its own feel. Definitely a plus.

Walking into the outdoor venue area I was amazed. How cool is this?! Tons of room and a nice stage setup for bands. Knuckleheads is situated in an old warehouse district which adds to its appeal since there are no noise restrictions like some bars have if they’re too close to a residential area.

I was taken aback seeing how much room this place had for watching a show. There were seats and tables all over the place. Low vantage spot, high vantages spots, you could find a great spot to see the show pretty easily.

Extended seating area and food truck were on hand to keep us fed.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers opened the night with a great show and a great fan following. This was my first time seeing them play live and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Los Lobos was in town to play a show and help promote their new album “Gates of Gold”. I usually see their shows back in Houston Tx when I can but hadn’t been to one in about 5 years. So to say I was “due” is an understatement.


Having been able to catch one of their show here at such a cool venue was a lot of fun. The lighting and audio was great, the crowd was energetic and the drinks were great! Every bartender I spoke to was very kind, helpful and pleasant. These weren’t the usual grouchy, crabby bartenders I’ve had dealings with while on this road trip. Every one of the staff members here at Knuckleheads was very kind and professional. Attributes I really appreciate.

This is definitely one of my coolest concert memories as the venue was just cool! I mean look at it. Big outdoor venue with a ton of character and ran by good people that inspire their employees to be kind as well. So much for a big, bad, burly biker bar. This was nothing of the sort. This is a top notch establishment with a ton of character! Well done Knuckleheads, keep up the good work!

Location: Knuckleheads Saloon

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